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You and me, we all have dreams, goals, and ideas on what we think our life should look like, or how we think life should end up being. While some of us drift away daydreaming, some of us try to accurately plan out our lives, envisioning and thinking about all the stuff we’d love to accomplish. I’d bet that our plans include some big things in life that would make us feel darn proud.

The problem is, many of us give up when facing challenges along the way to reach the potential we’ve set for ourselves. We look in the mirror as time flies by, and we end up looking back and wondering what went wrong. Well, there is one reason we can all relate to: We never really get started doing the things we truly want to do. We’re all guilty of it, and that includes me.


Lack Of Motion

Back in the days, I’ve thought of many ideas or things I wanted to try over the years. If you’re wondering how many I tried, let’s say it is far less than I hoped it to be. As time has gone by, I’ve been able to explore more of them. But as you know, some of them got shelved for good. I don’t even remember half of the things I wanted to try and never did.

Why did I not try? What was the reasoning behind it? To keep things simple, I lacked the required motion to at least try something. I’m sure we’re aware that everything we do won’t end up being a calling in life. But you won’t know until you give it a shot, right?

If we want to understand this concept relating to a lack of motion, we must take a step back and realise that life is a series of decisions and actions. These two components are key to our self-growth and success in life.


Pairing Decisions With Actions

It’s clear if you make a decision but don’t take any action, not much will happen. In contrast, if you take a lot of actions without any decisions backing it up, you’ll aimlessly drift around.

That sounds like a torturous nightmare, doesn’t it? I had to wake up from my own years ago. Good or bad, where you are in life at this very moment reflects all the past choices you’ve made. Some of us are smiling while reading this, and maybe even giving ourselves a little nod of appreciation if it’s good. On the other hand, a fair number of us will probably have a hard time processing it.

If you aren’t where you thought you’d be, I’d like to remind you that it’s perfectly okay. Many of us aren’t where we thought we would be, and we’re still giving it our best shot.

There are commonly two reasons you aren’t at your ‘ideal’ place. Firstly, a small chance is that life gave you an obstacle course with things completely out of your control – life got in the way temporarily. Secondly, a bigger possibility is that you just didn’t pursue something, and it was likely out of fear – you didn’t ever get started.


Taking Small Productive Steps

Let’s get this straight, you’re not stuck in life, and while the best time to start something was yesterday, the next best time is always now. We can create the life we want, but it requires us to make moves. And while we may have fallen short previously due to self-doubt and fear, it doesn’t mean we will fall short going forward.

Seeing where you are and looking where you want to go might leave you frustrated. The good part is, this is where movement comes into play. You take small steps toward your visions and goals. The little actions you take can still produce positive results. This is the idea of micro-movements.

Not one single person takes a leap of faith and accomplishes life’s biggest goals in one same breath. Life rewards us for taking consistent action, while also enjoy the long game having patience and commitment.


Your Momentum

Most people have an idea of higher-level goals they’d love to accomplish in their lives. Be it personal, professional, or both, every single one of us has fallen victim to the paralysing nature of fear. However, a few things are happening in your favour as well. According to Paulo Coelho, author of the international bestseller ‘The Alchemist’: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

It requires a few things:

  • Deciding internally to change;
  • Desiring to take the steps required;
  • Realising that small steps forward are perfectly normal;
  • Start moving;
  • And having a dose of patience and commitment.

Your effort of motion will help you create movement and momentum. You aren’t stuck in life. You are more than capable of making a lot of power moves. The key? Just get started.


  • What are your big dreams, goals, or ideas?
  • What is actually stopping you from starting?
  • Will you start today?


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