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I am a career girl and I have always dreamt of a working adult life. Getting a job soon after college seemed to be the only ticket that I needed for launching my career and I assumed that there would be no hiccoughs going forward. I was wrong. I resigned at my first job without having another offer in hand. That decision was scary to me, my friends called it a bold move, but I took it anyway.


Change Comes Fast

I worked in my first job for around four years, had many learning experiences, made friends, had a good time but started feeling the need to change by the end of the fourth year. I started preparations to make a move, updated resume, reached out to people, attended a few interviews but could not land an offer for myself.

My struggles got messy when my husband got an offer to work overseas at the same time and asked me to join him there if I want, but I could not work immediately there due to visa issues as I have to go as a dependent. I was confused but I have to make a choice. I decided to take a chance. I have put my papers at office requesting to relieve me from my duties in a month.


Challenged Our Own Believes

Most of the times, we worried a lot thinking that the next decision we were about to make will change our life irreversibly and that there was no going back from then on. We assumed that our job title defined who we were, how much we were worth, how other people saw us and valued us with all the notions, assumptions, fears and insecurities sitting in our head scaring us.

We assumed that there was only one way of living life, and that is the one our brains were tuned to believe to be the ideal one since childhood. So, naturally when the moment came when we have to decide another way to challenge our own beliefs and well-settled assumptions, fear took a good grip on us. We needed to work on those fears, by preparing ourselves mentally and facing them, as and when required.



I was not fully prepared for the break from career, but I decided to move ahead, joined my husband with the hope that if nothing works out, at least it would be a new experience, a chance to see a new country, experience a new culture, meet new people (hopefully) and learn more about myself. The last point became more important to me, from a personal perspective.

When I actually took the break, I took time to take care of my husband and myself, to gather my thoughts and gain new perspectives, I did not feel the same feelings that I thought I would be facing if I leave my job.

I did not feel worthless, I did not feel stuck, but I actually felt the true sense of freedom. The freedom to choose what I want to do, learn and pursue next. People around me did not judge me as well, as I feared. That gave me a sense of relief.


Slow But Steady

This experience of my life prepared me for bigger challenges that crossed my path in personal and professional life, many years down the line. I was not as afraid as I was the first time when it came to decisions that involved bringing change in the course of my life, big or small.

I became a bit more open to taking chances or calculated risks and started moving slowly but steadily away from fears that used to control the younger me for a long time.


This is a guest post by Janaki Ramani. She publishes on her own website 'Little Gazette' about her thoughts on work, home, and other projects.

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