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Numbing yourself with alcohol and drugs won’t make these feelings go away. Moving to another city or flying to another planet won’t keep you safe. And pushing yourself to work past the point of human exhaustion won’t make you forget anything.

Wherever you go, as soon as you sober up and you finally slow down, they will be there. Therefore, it leaves you with one option:


“You can run, run, run away from a lot of things in life, but you can’t run away from yourself. And the key to happiness is to understand and accept who you are.” – Dale Archer


You Can’t Keep Running Forever

I used to think that running away from my problems was the easiest solution. I thought I had life all figured out because I believed if I avoided my problems, such as health risks and having no self-confidence, it would simply go away.

Guess what? It did go away momentarily, just to return bigger and nastier everlastingly.

The same would happen in your case. Hiding and running from your demons is never a definite solution. You’re only feeding the demons and they will wait for you when you stop running. Even worse, you will probably feel too exhausted and burned out to deal with them.


Are You Running Away?

I want to point out that sometimes when you choose to leave a toxic relationship or decide to quit a soul-consuming job, it might seem as if you’re “running away” from your problems, but it’s not. I had discussions on this matter where there have been some misunderstandings.

Just to make sure we’re on the same page, the bottom line is: You’re not running away if you’re making a conscious decision to positively reclaim your life.

In this case, you’re really running away when your toxic relationship starts getting abusive or your soul-consuming job starts making you feel depressed, and you decide to stick your head in the ground and wait for it to just disappear.

Will it be easy to deal with? No. But your problems will continue to follow you until you face them. The longer you wait, the more abusive and more soul-consuming your problems will become.


Your Emotional Pain

Whenever the word “pain” comes up, it tends to be more connected to emotional pain, because those are the most difficult to deal with. Whether you saw it coming or not, the feeling is the same: you’re devastated. You gasp at your vulnerability and wonder, “Why did this happen?”.

Life comes with many hardships: heartbreak, injury, illness, death, desertion. Though we may share similar experiences, every pain is personal. No matter how many times people say, “I understand”, they don’t. You may even resent them for trying.

You see, when you’re savagely knocked down by life, don’t get right back up. Imagine yourself tripping or falling, you have the impulsive habit to get right up, dust yourself off, and move on again. However, when you have a severe injury, you can’t ignore it because you know it will make it worse. This is the same with emotional pain.

Pain, both physically and emotionally, demands attention because it needs to be acknowledged and embraced before you can move on.

The avoidance of pain only increases pain. Emotional wounds are beyond sadness. They’re felt in the depths of your whole being. Honour your pain, don’t run from it. Unplug, put time aside to reflect, and give yourself permission to grieve. If people push you to “get over it,” ignore them. Time and patience are key to recovery. Surround yourself with family and friends who understand that.


You Just Can’t Run Away From Yourself

Do you have this feeling that you keep running into the same problem over and over again?

Wherever you go, you seem to bump into the same kind of annoying colleagues at every other company you’ve worked. Or you keep having rude neighbours wherever you move to. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself the source of this problem. Maybe you believe that the problem exists outside yourself, when in reality, you should be looking within.


“Some people run from pain their whole lives, and what pain they do not digest they inflict upon others.”- Bryant McGill


There’s a reason why we can’t run away forever. Our pain, insecurities, and challenges are a part of us.

There is no point in hiding, running, avoiding, and ignoring our problems. Problems are meant to be solved, and if you have the courage to face them directly, then you’ll realise that it is so much easier to take a stand than it is to run away.


“Make Yourself Heard”


  • How do you deal with your problems and challenges in life?
  • Are you a runner or do you face your problems directly?
  • Do you feel you're running into the same problem over and over again?


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