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We aspire to possess boundless generosity. We desire a more promising situation. We dream of a better life. We hope to fulfil that one lifelong dream. Achieving them may be taxing at times but believe me when I say it will all be worthwhile. Simply take that leap of faith and you will be on to something good.


The Cause

Over six years ago, I got a message from a colleague. I was not expecting to hear anything from her as it had been five years since I last heard from her. She informed me that she recommended me to her supervisor.

She was working for a community hospital in a quaint little town in the sparsely populated state of South Dakota in the United States and that very same hospital wanted to hire another clinical laboratory scientist to be part of their team. I was ecstatic! I couldn’t even contain the gratitude I felt then. Never did I think that someone I haven’t talked with for the longest time would be the cause of such an opportunity.


The Process

A few days after that, another message came and this time it was to let me know that my phone interview was scheduled. Oh, I can still vividly remember that feeling from many years ago. I could just feel butterflies in my stomach. I broke into a sweat just thinking about the looming interview as I never do well on one-on-one interviews. They always give me the frights. I just wanted to bolt and never be seen again every freaking time.

“Think happy thoughts, Donna!” I remember my favourite uncle say that to me a lot. So, I nervously prepared for the interview, skimmed articles after articles about the state and the specific town and compiled every possible interview question that came to mind. It was one long and extensive process. I needed to learn everything about the country as a whole.


The Day Came

I was so restless, fidgeting on things I could get my hands on. I was pencilled in to have a day off but I wound up working the graveyard shift. The interview was at 9 (MST) in the morning. However, in my home country, it was midnight. I excused myself, handed over the job to my very understanding co-worker, and answered the call. Fortunately for me, it was a panel interview.

“Thank God for panel interviews!” We got cut off at times because of a bad network connection, so for the most part, it went really well. The hard part was finally done. Now on to the fun part, the wait (Can you hear the sarcasm right there?). Imagine the feeling of waiting for one time-consuming and cumbersome process. There is nothing like it. Some people call it the agony of joy – I call it torture.

Two days later, my friend called. She heard that I got the job. She reminded me of how small the place was and that I should stay until the end of the contract. Oh, such music to my ears! The dream was finally becoming a reality. The final decision came in the electronic mail. Her supervisor broke the news for real this time. I really got the job. Congratulations were finally in order. Now here comes the start of a new daunting yet beautiful chapter in my life. Thank you, Lord!


The Impact

Don’t get me wrong. My family and my closest and truest friends were, without a doubt, on cloud nine like I was. They were extremely thrilled for me. They prayed for me and with me the whole time. They cried happy tears with me when I got the good news. They supported me emotionally and financially since day one. However, if it was all up to them, they would rather keep me close and hold me forever. They love me too much and the idea of me going away to a foreign country alone is unquestionably terrifying for them.

While the whole ordeal was bittersweet for my family and my closest, truest friends, some of my relationships were lost. People that were not truly glad about my accomplishments all disappeared into thin air. I needed aid. I needed support. I needed financial assistance and begging for it would only make me feel small. Thus, I decided to just let them go. After all, “when you see the genuine, you don’t deal with the fakes anymore.”


The Dream Fulfilled 

Four months after the process, I set foot on the land of opportunity. I was dumbfounded at how my God made everything possible with the help of my family and a few trusted friends. Finally!

Daunting as it may seem, I am here now. I have conquered the fear and the possibilities are now endless. I opened my door, now my horizons are broader. I stepped out of my comfort zone and now I got what I wished for since the very beginning. I never expected that one intimidating experience could lead me to a blissful (though challenging) life. I found the love of my life and bore two beautiful children in the process. I gained wonderful friendships. I discovered some new rewarding interests. In addition to it all, I am now living with one lifelong dream fulfilled.


The Nudge

Always remember, your dream will remain a dream until you choose to make it real. As Colin Powell once said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.” Change is inevitable in the process. Just take a chance. Be brave and go after your dream. It will be within arm’s reach before you know it.


Donna Mortellaro is a self-proclaimed "Jill-of-all-trades" and a clinical laboratory scientist who dreams to be a stay-at-home mom. She dreams to be a full-time writer in the very near future. As a wife to a busy farmer/rancher and a mother to two spunky toddlers, she desires to just take a nap in her spare time.

Donna has an online store called The Upward Blip. On the blog section of that online store, you can see her posts about everything related to parenting, babies, organising, and more. Check her out at