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For one moment, right now, imagine what you would be able to achieve if you just went for it. Anything you put your mind to, it would be accomplished. Of course, this comes with struggles and challenges. Can you remember something you wanted to achieve badly or a goal that you set for yourself, and followed up by the thought of “I cannot do this,” or “What if I fail,” or “I’m not good enough?”

Firstly, it’s a natural human reaction to have those thoughts occur when you set big goals for yourself, goals that will make you grow as an individual and stretch your current way of thinking. Secondly, just know that those feelings of fear are completely natural and happen to everyone who has achieved greatness or done something remarkable. However, what mustn’t happen regardless of how rough it may be, is to not let those same exact feelings prevent you from taking massive action and constantly moving forward.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand the need to control fear itself. You might be wondering “Why? My life is all good right now.” Well, here are three major reasons:


1. Fear Limits Your Full Potential

Being driven by fear prevents you from growing and progressing in life. According to Dr. David Hawkins in the book ‘Power vs Forces’, he developed the ‘Map of Consciousness and described that fear means you are being held back from growing to the higher levels of Courage, Acceptance, Love, Joy, Peace, and eventually Enlightenment.


When you let your thoughts, feelings and decisions be driven by fear, you’re reduced to a slave of fear.


I’ve come across people whose lives are centred on the theme of fear. Their fear drives their thoughts, feelings, decisions and behaviours so much that their life has become a result of fear, rather than their own desires. They are stuck in protecting their lives in the illusion of safety. He or she lives in reaction to fear, rather than proactively lead his or her life. If they’re just reacting to fear, they can’t be reaching their fullest potential.


2. You Can Never Run Away From Fear Completely

If you run away instead of dealing with it, it will always be there, haunting you in everything you do. Running away only gives you an illusion of security. You may feel safe for a short moment, but it’s only for that short moment. The more you run, the more fear will try to catch up with you. When that happens, you either must learn to deal with it, or cower in its presence eternally and become a fraction of the person you potentially can be.

Since you must deal with fear at some point, you might as well learn to overcome fear now, rather than avoid it again and again only to deal with it eventually. It doesn’t make sense otherwise — not only are you draining yourself emotionally, you waste time and energy avoiding the fear. Time is the most precious asset in your life — don’t go wasting it.


3. Fear Will Drain You Mentally

Each moment you spend cowering in fear, you’re feeding a seed that brings forth similar thoughts. The more you do it, the more fear adds up. Instead of calmly processing the situation and identifying solutions to move forward, you’re feeding energy into something destructive. Think about how much more you can do if you’re not spending your energy counteracting that fear and its aftereffects.

Also, remember that for each moment you spend around fear, you have one less moment for positive thoughts and feelings, which can bud into a whole other spring of positive aftereffects. Choose how you would rather spend your time — being positive and happy, or being negative and scared?


Find Your Courage

I challenge you from here on out to constantly expand your vision as to what’s possible in your life. The more we can see ourselves victorious and not being paralyzed by fear, the more that will prompt us to act and get going.

Mel Robbins, who is an American on-air CNN commentator, television host, life coach, author and motivational speaker, explained the science behind ‘The 5 Second Rule‘ she came up with, a form of metacognition that beats every trick your brain plays fear on you to cause hesitation, overwhelm, procrastination, and overthinking.

I hope to inspire you to make a change in your life. Changes don’t have to be big. Changes always manifest from small steps — small changes. The next time fear pops up, find your courage, get up, start moving and just go. You were born to be great, so live your life even greater!


  • What is your fear?
  • When does your fear take over?
  • How do you deal with fear at the moment?

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