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In my life, change has been inevitable, and I think most of us can relate to that feeling. But it’s not easy to accept change because it challenges you on the inside. However, the more you accept and embrace change, the better your life becomes.

For me, that one big moment, a turning point in my life, came two months ago and that has changed me forever. That moment was when I stumbled upon a YouTube video of successful six-figure bloggers. They inspired me so much that on the very next day, I purchased their best blogging course to begin my blogging journey. It was the fastest yet best decision I have ever made in my life.


Challenged All My Beliefs And Limitations 

Although I purchased the blogging course and knew I was learning from the best blogging gurus, the process itself was still not easy because I had no prior technical or blogging experience whatsoever. However, it was still the best decision to invest in myself because to me “time is money” and with my hectic schedule, I did not want to waste my precious time. Because I did not fight change and accepted blogging as a learning process, I finished the course and was able to launch my blog within seven days while working full-time as a lawyer.

The premise behind my blog is to “Be A Self Guru” – being a master of your own destiny and in control of your own future. One of the ways to achieve that is being your own boss.

Within two weeks of launching my blog, I created four online legal products which helped so many bloggers and online entrepreneurs. I was amazed and wondered why I did not create them sooner. I never knew I could do all this in such a short period of time, so I must say that I really pushed myself to the limit. I’m so glad I did.


Helping Others To Make Money

The blogging course helped me to create my own products so quickly because it taught me how to identify my target audience, find their pain points, and then provide valuable solutions. This is exactly what I did.

I saw several bloggers and online entrepreneurs struggling with legal pages for their website, so I put my eight years of legal expertise to good use by helping them. Working on legal pages for your website can be daunting, confusing and time-consuming if you are not a lawyer, but they are necessary before you launch your blog.

This led me to create and sell legal templates that bloggers and online entrepreneurs could easily customise and use on their website, which are the Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions, and Legal Bundle including all three templates at a discounted price. This way, you could save lots of time, money and stress from writing your own legal pages.



This is an amazing change because I have neither created a blog before nor created an online product. Now, I have four products and the best part is that through my affiliate program, I have helped new bloggers and online entrepreneurs make money as well. Everyone knows that monetising your blog is not easy so I’m very glad to be able to help my fellow bloggers make money online. Two months ago, who knew whether I would even make a dime from my blog and now seeing others make money by promoting my products is a dream come true for me.


From A Lawyer To An Entrepreneur

This newfound change has challenged me for good where I work tirelessly every night on my blog after arriving home from my full-time job. At the same time, it has brought new hope and optimism for the future. It has truly opened new doors of opportunities for me.

At the time of writing this, here are the stats: I have earned more than $3070 from a two-month-old blog with only 13 posts, 83 subscribers, 20+ affiliates, spent $0 on advertising, and 17 awesome testimonials. Now, even though I’m still working full-time as a lawyer, I feel I have an online world full of endless opportunities to combine my legal and business skills to become my own boss one-day without compromising on the quality of my life.

As I continue to grow my online business, I will have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and still make a valuable contribution to the lives of others – that’s my end goal. This realization came rather quickly when I was in Mexico recently on vacation and could still work on my blogging business whenever I wanted while enjoying myself at the beach.

A lot of people have asked me what blogging and business resources I have used to achieve success so quickly. So, I’ve compiled a list of everything here.


I’m Here to Support You

Blogging has truly revolutionised my thinking and shown me a new way to look at making money and becoming my own boss without losing my autonomy in the process. It has also shown me that it’s a process and as long as you face your fears and take action, you will succeed.

Don’t compare yourself with others because every entrepreneur was once an amateur. So, just be the authentic you and believe in your own talents and skills. You will achieve your desired results with time and if you ever want to chat or talk to someone for motivation, I am here to support you in your self-employment journey.


Hi, I’m Amira.

I’m a lawyer, blogger and business coach. I have been practising law for more than eight years in Florida and New Jersey but have been working with business owners and teaching business and legal skills to entrepreneurs for over ten years now.

I started my blog in seven days at while working full-time as a lawyer where I provide lots of legal and business tips to help you become your own boss! You can also find me on FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter