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My journey to natural living began in late 2008. It started when my husband became sick. The visit to the doctor informed him he had reoccurring mono (it is a viral infection that causes symptoms like fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, and a severe sore throat). He was a truck driver and told he needs to take a month off until this subsided.



A month went by and he was no better, it even got worse with sleeping sixteen hours a day. Upon another visit to the doctor, he was then told he had chronic fatigue syndrome. He was told he would not get better and was told to apply for disability. My husband was doing some research on his diagnose and found he had symptoms that did not match the diagnosis. Yet another visit to the doctor he shared this with his doctor who told him those other symptoms would go away when the mono did.

We were now into two to three months of dealing with his illness. After watching the news one night a talk show came on, which he did not normally watch. There was a comedian on who suffered from mercury poisoning from eating sushi for twenty years. When he started to describe his symptoms my husband cried out, “That’s me.” Back to the doctor with this new-found information ended with the doctor laughing at him.


The Research Starts

Research began to find the cause of the mercury. After weeks of research, he started to look more closely at the amalgam fillings (amalgam fillings are the silver ones that dentists use). He had a friend who owned a health store and was sharing his findings. A visit to the health store started out with him using the foot bath ionizer to detox from the heavy metal. He also started taking broken cell chlorella, vitamin D and C.

He started getting better and found a desk job. This enabled him to pay, to have the fillings removed and replaced. After this, he continued the regimen giving to him and got better and better. After six months of being unable to drive a truck, he was well enough to go back to it.

During his research, he discovered the American Dental Association had a gag order on dentists. They could not tell their patients the amalgam fillings could make one sick or they would lose their license. We began to think, what else are they not telling us? This led us to start doing more research and Pandora’s Box flew wide open, genetically modified foods, toxins in foods, the truth about fluoride, the chemtrails, toxins in our cleaning products, formaldehyde in so many of our household items, toxins in our personal hygiene products, mercury in vaccines. I’m sure there was more, but I believe this gives you a good idea of where I am coming from.


Living A Natural Life Begins

We started looking at how we could change the way we lived in order to have a better quality of life. Our first step was to change all our food to organic. I started learning about herbs and how to make herbal preparations. This led to me formulating my own skin care products. We started using essential oils and supplements. The cleaning products were next to be replaced along with our personal hygiene products.

However, we didn’t stop there – our research continued. The more we learned the more our lives changed. Meditation now became a regular habit. Our house now incorporated an array of crystals and salt lamps. I started brewing Kombucha after I learned how important our gut microbiome was to our quality of life. We got off city water and switched to well water, which thankfully the previous owners left hooked up. We purchased a Berkey water filter and added Shungite to it as we learned we could program our water.


Where We Are Today

Today my husband and I are in our fifties. He has been able to get off of the array of meds he was taking. I myself have never been on any. When needed, we consult with the local health store owners and the local herbalist. We are strong and healthy. Now, we share our knowledge with others in hopes they may also live a better quality of life naturally.


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Joyce is a natural living researcher, writer, speaker and podcaster. She started Heavenly Bodies, her business, where she sells the skin care products she has learned to formulate over the years since 2011.

She can be found Saturday mornings in a nearby town selling her skin care products, crystal designed items, Kombucha, diffuser bracelets and necklaces. The biggest item she has she gives away to the patrons who want it, her knowledge.

At the moment she is busy starting her Natural Living coaching business for individuals and businesses.

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